Our mental health programs complete our continuum of care.

The Hope Center offers accessible, trauma-informed services by licensed counselors, a psychiatrist, and family support workers in a loving, safe environment. We help children and families cope with and heal from previous exposure to child abuse, neglect, abandonment, and/or violence.

The Family Support Services team offers:

  • Resources within the community where our clients reside and where assistance can be provided.
  • Emergency assistance items, such as personal hygiene items, and clothing, based on availability of funding.
  • Agency resources in outlying areas in the counties we serve.
  • HALO trainings provided to clients who are receiving services.
  • Support group topics to assist in meeting client needs.
  • Access to a licensed therapist and family support services team trained to deliver high-quality, compassionate trauma-informed care.
  • A family support worker to provide aftercare for up to 12 months after discharge.
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In 2021, we helped:

  • 412

    children (3-17 years) received therapeutic mental healthcare services

  • 194

    number of families utilized the social work services

  • 100%

    of clients served via Hope Center and social services were satisfied with services